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LHDC Series Couplings

For some applications, flange couplings are required. Applied to connect PU-covered layflat hoses, Nitrile rubber layflat hoses

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Large Diameter Hose Coupling (LDHC) series of couplings are designed and manufactured by Kaisom.
LDHC Couplings include LDHC V, LDHC FM, LDHC S and LHDC Mender.

Size of Hose ID LDHC Series work with: 8″, 10″, 12″

Materials: Aluminum, Anodized

Production Procedure: LDHC V, LDHC FM, are LDHC S are forged and anodized. Forged couplings are much stronger than casted ones. The shank of LDHC Mender is casted and the clamps are forged.

Anodization improves the hardness of aluminum.

LDHC clamps are reattachable clamps with special designs which are developed by experienced hoses fitting engineers. LDHC clamps are forged with aluminum materials and anadized procedures, which ensure the strength of the clamps and crack-resistance. LDHC clamps work with LDHC nipples or LDHC menders, which are also specially designed. LDHC nipples are with Victaulic groove which ensures that LDHC nipples can be connected to other nipples with Victaulic grooves with Victaulic clamps.