Powerful & Flexible

Kaisom Hose Power Pty Ltd is a specialist in flexible hose development and has been manufacturing and supplying hoses since April, 2000.

The Right Hose For Any Job

We manufacture hoses suited to a wide range of applications.

Agriculture & Irrigation

We manufacture hoses suitable for all types of agriculture and irrigation applications from fresh to treated water transport.Agriculture & Irrigation Hoses »


We offer NBR, PVC, PU and TPU hoses suited to landscaping construction, as well as oil, gas, industrial and marine operation.Construction Hoses »


With a lighter weight per B.P compared to other popular hoses on the market, our hoses are suited for a wide range of marine application.Marine Hoses »


Our unique one-step forming process helps keep high adhesion between linings, ensuring no surprise leaks and great reliability.Water Hoses »

Built For Strength

Our hoses are built to withstand the harsh climates in the Australian outback to industrial mega-factory requirements.

We take pride in our manufacturing and understand the materials used in a hose determine both the working pressure and burst pressure capabilities. Our state of the art construction of the hose jacket and the final extrusion process allows for a high-tenacity, high working pressure, long-lasting hose.

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Quality Certificates

With over 20 years of experience in the business, our company is your source for the highest quality hose.