Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why choose Kaisom?

We have over 20+ years of global experience. We focus on Lay Flat Hose, High-Pressure Air / Water Hose. We aim for exceptional customer service and being Australian owned comes with a certain pride and sense of responsibility. We feel that we have an obligation to ensure our products and services meet the best possible Australian and world standards. Mark our words.

2. What is the main service area?

Our products are currently sold in North America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia with plans to further expand when possible.

3. What application?

We take pride in serving at a global customer base. Our products are designed for mining, industrial, agricultural/irrigation, marine, petroleum, chemical, no-digging, fire-fighting, industrial food production and water/air transfer applications.

3. How should I become a wholesaler/ importer?

We are extremely pleased that you have chosen us, please contacts us anytime whether that is online or to provide us with any contact detail.

4. Should I shop directly as a user in/out of Australia?

Of course, please feel free to order with us online!

5. What branding do you make?

Currently, ‘Australia Kaisom’ is currently our trusted branding. However,

we welcome all branding with the production.

Note: Please send confirmation details ASAP for better efficiency during production.

6. How should I purchase if I can’t find the goods or specification on the website?

Australia Kaisom believes the success is to first establish, maintain, continuously improve and innovate our quality management. We are happy to conquer future challenges and try something different with our products.

7. What certificate is approved?

We have been approved by AGA. UL. CE. ANS. NSF. FM. BSI. EN694. MSHA. NSF. FDA. REACH. We fully support any inquired requirement.