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Expansion Ring Couplings

Applied to connect PU-covered layflat hoses, Nitrile rubber layflat hoses or jacketed fire hoses.


These couplings are mainly used in North American or South American market.

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Aluminium or brass expansion ring couplings are available for request.

Different threads are available, such as NPSH, NST, NPT, WST etc. For brass expansion ring couplings, rocker lug or pin lug are optional upon customers’ request. According to the different wall thickness of hoses, expansion ring couplings with different bowl sizes are available for request.

For example, the bowl size of 1 1/2″ single jacket fire hoses are smaller than 1 1/2″ double jacket fire hoses.

Please refer to a professional sales service person from Kaisom to purchase correct couplings according to specific demands.